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Infographic: How to Avoid Multicar Pileups

Ever wonder how multicar pileups happen? Or how to avoid getting stuck in one? If so, check out this helpful infographic. October 10th, 2016 by Aronow Insurance... Read Article

Your Complete Roommate Guide

What’s the hottest trend in real estate? Here’s one you may not be hearing much about: Cash-strapped Millennials are looking for roommates. Rising rents are a big reason behind this trend. In August 2016, the national median price to rent a two-bedroom apartment was $1,300 versus $1,120 for a single bedroom. Of course, prices vary by city and region. A place in San Francisco will cost... Read Article

Moving? Don’t Forget to Update Your Pet’s Microchip

Being a pet parent comes with responsibilities. Just a few include making sure your pet is safe in a car and has access to great veterinarian. Another responsibility is making sure your pet has identification in case he or she gets lost or escapes. (This is especially important when it comes to keeping pets safe during natural disasters.) Microchipping is a popular option in which... Read Article

How to Handle Being Hit While Parked

Hit and run accidents frequently occur while a vehicle is parked on the street, in a parking structure or at the local shopping mall. Often the guilty party does not leave contact information which leaves the vehicle owner with the problem of getting the damage repaired. To add to the burden, many people are unclear on what to do in this situation and are unsure... Read Article

A Roundup of What to Know About Life Insurance

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM), an annual effort that helps raise awareness among consumers and producers about the need for life insurance. As 2016 LIAM spokesperson and race car driver Danica Patrick explains, many Americans don’t have enough—or even any—coverage to protect the people they love most. Life Happens, the nonprofit organization behind LIAM, helps consumers learn more about how life insurance works... Read Article