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10 Scenes from Superstorm Sandy

When Superstorm Sandy ravaged much of the eastern United States three years ago, it caused $62 billion in damage and led 8.1 million homes to lose power. Today, most (but not all) communities have recovered. And we’ve all learned some important lessons as a result of the disaster. Yet it’s easy to forget those lessons as time goes on. That’s why it’s worth reviewing them... Read Article

How to Avoid Hitting a Deer

One morning, I was driving along a back road to one of my college classes when a deer suddenly jumped directly into my path.  By a sheer miracle, the deer, my car and I all escaped without injury. (Although I did pull off the road to calm my nerves.) Not everyone is lucky enough to avoid a collision. The Insurance Information Institute (III) estimates that... Read Article

What Would a World Without Insurance Look Like?

It’s easy to feel like there’s no benefit to buying insurance unless you file a claim. Yet a look into what the world would look like without insurance proves otherwise. That’s because insurance acts as a sort of glue that helps society function. After all, there was insurance well before there were insurance companies. “Before most people bought insurance from an insurance carrier, local social... Read Article

What Are Cities Responsible For?

When things go wrong inside your house, you know the burden’s on you (or your homeowners insurance) to get things fixed. Things can get a little confusing when something is kind of yours and kind of your city’s responsibility. Who pays then? While there’s usually no clear-cut answer, the following information can give you some clarity around the issue. Trees Trees cause more than $1... Read Article

ERIE Named a “Hot” Innovator within the Insurance Industry

Insurance Networking News recently examined which insurers are tops when it comes to technology and innovation. The verdict? Erie Insurance is leading the way. The publication cited ERIE’s recent approval and use of drones to investigate claims and a Google Glass pilot program for claims adjusters as examples of technological innovation. ERIE has a long and proud history of innovation. In addition to championing drones... Read Article